Forrest Follows the Falcons

I am going over to London to see the Atlanta Falcons football team play the Detroit Lions. I have never been to Europe before, so this will be a blog to keep my friends and family up to date on where I am and what culture shock I am going through.


Rise Up!


At Hartsfield getting ready to board.

At Hartsfield getting ready to board.


First post! Getting used to mobile word press. The international terminal is awesome! There is even a Varsity in it. Big shout out to Patrick for dropping me off. Lots of Falcons fans out!


Would not have been a true trip without some hiccups.

Cool – Evander Holyfield is sitting less than 10 feet away from me.

Bad – the plane has been brought back to the gate and we are delayed at least 40 minutes. We did get some water though.

There were some “Rise Up!”s as I boarded the plane. If the Birds can turn it around maybe the fans will buy back in. Matty Ice and the boys need to score more than 21 pts.

330 am

Flight turned around and back in A town. Will keep posted. Gained eye covers and headphones.

Not all there after dealing with getting new travel plans at 530 in the morning.

Not all there after dealing with getting new travel plans at 530 in the morning.

New plans! Now I am going to Boston and then on to London. Just glad that if all goes according to plan I should be in London in time for the game. Supposedly my checked item, the sign, should make it, but I am giving that a 50/50 shot of actually happening. Now to get some more walking in.


Boston fans y’all are spoiled. That is enough titles for a century, and that doesn’t even include the Celtics championship.


What a game. I made it to London at 6:30 yesterday morning. I was able to navigate the tube and make it to the Shakespear and Dolphin Hotel. I was soon joined by Dominic, Henri, Jacob and Daniel. We gathered up Michael and Bradley and made it down to Wembley Staduim it is an amazing stadium and we had great seats! After having a beer and a pasty, some sort of meat pie that would be great at any sporting event, and having the greatest sign of all time taken away for being too large, basically being too American, we got to watch the game. I will post my thoughts
on the game later, but my prediction that the Falcons needed to score more than 21 points turned out to be correct.

I finished the day by having a couple of pints at a pub with Henri, Jacob, and Bradley. After almost passing out at the pub, I crashed at the hotel. I have booked my flights to Copenhagen and Munich. I am off to do some touristy stuff – namely sight seeing.


October 29 2014

First full day in Copenhagen. I got in last night at 5:30 pm local time and was happy to find the sign had made it. Jacob was there to pick me up and we made the short trip to his and Henri ‘ s apartment.

I cannot say how much I appreciate their hospitality. After dropping my stuff off we went to grab some food at Luna ‘ s, a local American diner. Good food, great shakes. Raspberry Meringue is not a typical shake flavor, but it was awesome. The BBQ Bacon burger was good but using 95/5 beef is not ideal for burgers. Dad, you can now say Burgerquest has gone international.

After dinner we walked around and I got to see a little bit of the city at night.


Truely descriptive name

Top of the Round Tower


Marching all fancy like

Changing of the Guard at the Danish Royal Palace


Dropper = dumped

Learned how to say dumped in Danish

October 30 2014

Yesterday was a blur. Walking around Copenhagen and trying to catch boat tours can tale a lot out of you. The day started walking into the downtown of Copenhagen with Henri. A short walk Got us into the main shopping street and we got breakfast. I ordered eggs with bacon, which is æg med bacon. I also learned Thank you or Tak.

After breakfast we wandered by the many shops. Henri described it as an outdoor shopping mall. We arrived at the first tourist attraktion of the day, the Rundetaarn or the Round Tower. The Round Tower is indeed a round tower that is part of a university Church. You can only get to the top by going up the spiralling ramp. It was bildt by Christian IV, the first of many Christians I would learn about.

After the Rundetaarn we headed to the Walter to get a ticket for the boat cruise. We were ensured the boat was covered and had a little bit of free time before the arrival of the next ship. We used the extra time to see the Theater and the Dansk National bank. It is obvious many of the buildings in Copenhagen are old and instead of tearing Down the beautiful structures the buildings have been updated to house the stores and shops. Many of the government buildings and monuments have a beautiful patina on them. And a lot of the monuments are men on horses.

The boat tour sent us all around the city. I was photographed with the little Mermaid, learned about the “Whoops” missle, and saw the incredible opera house. The changing of the guard at the Royal Palace demonstrated decipline and some great music. I had varm chokolade, which had three chunks of chocolate in warm milk. <-the Way hot chocolate should be done. This is when Henri and I realized to make it back to the boat we were going to have to make a long walk in a short amount of time. And as we passed the Gefion Fountain, a gorgeous Fountain portraying a woman steering Four bulls, for the second time we saw the boat ferrying to the next stop. All we could do is wait for the next one.

It did give us time to see the "small" harbor of Copenhagen. The little Mermaid's older and prouder sister was there as well.


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